Cheers to a COVID Christmas

I would wager that a majority of us have come to the realization that Christmas will look rather different this year compared to past years, thanks to COVID-19. We all celebrate Christmas differently, but this year will be once in which most of us will be celebrating in a similar manner; with far fewer people, and hopefully at home.

Through conversations with a variety of people, I’ve come to the rather obvious conclusion that most of us are fed up with everything that has been imposed upon us thanks to this pandemic. And, honestly, I’m feeling the same way, especially since this bloody virus is now impacting Christmas, a time of year many of us anticipate in hopes of being able to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. But, despite my own frustrations with COVID-19 and everything it has affected, I’m trying my best to refrain from allowing current events to ruin my Christmas.

I think it would be beneficial for a lot of us to shift our perspective towards an approaching COVID Christmas. Rather than investing time, effort and energy towards dwelling on the negatives and things beyond our control, why not focus on the positives, for example, the fact we are healthy enough to enjoy Christmas dinner? Or perhaps our ability to spend the holidays with family? Perhaps the number of family members we can be with is limited, but is limited not better than none?

I am just as frustrated as the next person with everything we have faced this year, courtesy of the Coronavirus. But I’m equally frustrated with people who are choosing to go out of their way to convince themselves Christmas will be ruined because of COVID, because simply put, this ideology is bullshit. Christmas will be different, yes. But different doesn’t mean destroyed.

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