Can water make you happier?

We all know how important it is to drink enough water. As humans, our bodies heavily depend on water and the properties it offers, so it makes sense why water consumption is drilled into us from a young age.

While we’re all aware of the importance of drinking water, it turns out that water consumption can do a whole lot more than keep us hydrated, according to an article from The Good News Network.

“According to a new poll, hydration may be the recipe for happiness.

“The new survey of 2,000 Americans split respondents by how many glasses of water they drink in a day and found that those who keep up with their H20 intake tend to be more optimistic, energetic, and successful.

“Those who drink six or more glasses of water per day are the most likely to strongly agree that they are ‘very happy’ (41%).

“Compare that to those who self-report drinking less than one glass per day: only 12% strongly agree with that same statement,” the article explains.

Executed by OnePoll, the poll examined how exactly staying hydrated can contribute to our overall happiness, says the article.

“Forty percent of those who drink six or more glasses of water per day strongly agree that they’re an optimistic person, compared to just 10% of those who drink less than one glass of water a day … respondents who drink six or more glasses are also most likely to describe themselves as successful and the least likely to be late to work,” the article says.

I personally have never made a correlation between my own happiness and the amount of water I drink in a given day, but the data revealed by this poll is rather interesting, and it goes to show just how significant water is.

Really, is there anything water can’t do for us?\

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