This is why your next dog should be a blue heeler

I can’t say I have a favourite breed of dog. I love dogs, regardless of the breed, and I truly believe them to be blessings which we as humans are not deserving of.

While I feel bad saying I prefer any dog breed over another, I do have a bit of a bias towards one breed in particular. My family and I have had blue heelers for a long time, and I can honestly say after having them, it is pretty difficult to convert to a different breed.

So, why heelers? Let me tell you.

Originating from Australia and sometimes referred to as cattle dogs, blue heelers are a medium-sized breed, allowing them to appeal to people who are stuck in-between large and small dog breeds. They typically weigh around 45-50 pounds once fully grown, and live, on average, for 10-15 years.

Heelers are very active dogs, and require a lot of exercise. They’re herding dogs and actually descend from dingo’s, so it isn’t difficult to understand why they normally have a lot of energy. Because of their inherent desire to herd, they can be a little nippy, so keep this in mind if your pup seems to be using you as a teething device.

Australian blue heelers are, without a doubt, one of the most intelligent and incredibly loyal dog breeds I have ever encountered in my experiences with dogs. They are extremely protective and often refrain from letting you out of their sight. Their personalities are undeniable, and they’re a lot of fun. A lot of farmers and ranchers tend to appreciate their company.

Another cool thing about this dog breed is that heelers are more commonly blue, but can also be red. We had a pair of brothers from the same litter, Sam and Jake, one of which was red and the other blue.

I really can’t recommend heelers enough as arguably the best breed of dog you will ever own. Again, I don’t have a favourite; I just may or may not have some preferred breeds over others.

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