Read this to find out why Amazon is worth supporting

Before I get a new asshole ripped into me by anyone who reads the title of this and decides to lambast me because Amazon has slaughtered the success of so many small businesses, hear me out. I’ve written about the significance of supporting small businesses numerous times here on my blog, and I’ve also discussed how a collective agreement to kibosh Amazon would make a tremendous difference for the little guys who are struggling right now.

Based on my opinion of Amazon, I was pleasantly surprised to read an article from The Good News Network explaining something wonderful Amazon is taking the reins on to benefit their own employees.

“Amazon this month unveiled a new Housing Equity Fund, investing more than $2 billion to preserve and create over 20,000 affordable housing units in three communities where the company has thousands of employees—Washington State’s Puget Sound; Arlington, Virginia; and Nashville, Tennessee.

“Amazon’s Housing Equity Fund will help preserve existing housing and help create housing developments through below-market loans and grants to housing partners, public agencies, and minority-led organizations.

“The Fund seeks to ‘ensure that moderate- to low-income families can afford housing in resource-rich communities with easy access to neighborhood services, amenities, and jobs,’ according to a news release.

“Amazon’s first investments include $381.9 million in below-market loans and grants to the Washington Housing Conservancy to preserve and create up to 1,300 affordable homes on the Crystal House property in Arlington and $185.5 million in below-market loans and grants to King County Housing Authority to preserve up to 1,000 affordable homes in the state of Washington, with additional investments to come in all three regions,” the article says.

By no means am I suggesting to solely support Amazon because of this information, but I think provides incentive to perhaps adjust our opinions of the shopping giant. Apparently, Amazon isn’t so bad after all.

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