Need some fake plants? Check out IKEA

As someone who thoroughly appreciates and enjoys the aesthetic pleasures of plants but seemingly manages to kill them despite my best efforts, fake plants are a must. They’re pretty awesome when you consider the fact they are impossible to kill, look great, and require zero maintenance, which makes them a safe bet for anyone out there like me who seems to sport a blackened thumb.

The thing about artificial plants, though, is finding ones that look realistic can be tricky. Granted, fake plants aren’t going to exactly resemble real ones, but I’m not a huge fan of fake plants that are so apparently false they appear to look cheesy. Finding authentic-looking plants that aren’t actually real is more of a challenge than one might think.

I haven’t been having a lot of luck with seeking out some high-quality artificial plants that won’t empty the contents of my bank account. I found some on Etsy that were gorgeous, however, the ones I found are too large for the space I’m hoping to place them in. Amazon carries a few, but I found that most of the ones offered look excessively fake. So, I thought I would check and see what IKEA carried, and let me tell you, folks, that I was far from disappointed.

Not only does IKEA carry the best-looking false plants I think I’ve ever seen, but the prices are positively unbeatable. A fake plant carried on Amazon that costs $35 can more than likely be found via IKEA, with the same plant being a third of the cost and looking a hell of a lot better. I purchased from the IKEA website a beautiful fake fern, along with a pot, for under ten bucks. Ten bucks!!!

I may be a tad dramatic in this discussion, however, I seriously can’t get over how awesome IKEA’s selection of false greenery is, and further, how phenomenal the prices are. If you’re like me and wish to stop contributing to your plant graveyard, check out IKEA’s inventory.

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