Should you be getting more massages?

I doubt the likeliness of coming across anyone who isn’t a fan of massages. I don’t really understand how someone couldn’t enjoy having a professional relieving knotted, tight and twisted muscles that are causing discomfort, but no judgment if you aren’t a fan.

Personally, I never really realized the importance of getting a massage until my rugby-playing days were over, and I found myself dealing with constant neck and back pain. I had my first massage about two years ago and finally got around to going again a few days ago, and let me tell you, I do not regret going back, although delayed.

My only hesitancy to make massage a more frequent occurrence for myself is that fact that I don’t have employee benefits to help cover the cost. Massages aren’t exactly cheap, and while entirely worth the money, not all of us are in the right predicament to be able to make regular use of professional rub-downs.

When I had a massage the other day, my masseuse made mention of how much of a mess my shoulders were. I was surprised to hear this because while my shoulders don’t necessarily feel great, my neck bothers me a hell of a lot more. Apparently both of my rotator cuffs are full of knots, although my left is worse, and further, I have knots down the entire length of my back, starting at the top of my neck.

Cool beans.

Needless to say, by the time I left I felt like I got run over by a dump truck. Which is a good thing to feel after a massage apparently, but I really wasn’t aware of how badly I needed one. I felt significantly less tight throughout my upper body in the days after, and I would wager a lot more of us could benefit from seeing a professional masseuse more often than not.

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