Try this hair hack and never use conditioner again

Shampoo and conditioner are two products that just about all of us make use of. One is important in terms of its ability to clean hair, and the other acts as a sort of follow-up by bringing moisture and other hydrating properties back into hair that shampoo may have stripped.

While we’re all aware of the importance and function of both of these products, I’m here to tell you that one isn’t necessary and can be replaced with a far more effective option; scrap your conditioner and invest in a hair mask.

I haven’t used conditioner on my hair for about a year now. Instead, I’ve been using a hair mask in its place. This may sounds a little odd, but hear me out.

Not only is using a hair mask a more effective way to moisturize and replenish our locks, but it’s also more cost effective than purchasing conditioner, in the long run. Hair masks are more concentrated than conditioner, therefore less product is needed and you purchase less overall.

Personally, I like to use a majority of my hair mask product on the bottom half of my hair, and use about a third of the amount on the upper half. Because hair masks are stronger than conditioner in terms of hydrating hair, using a lot of product on the scalp can prove to be difficult to rinse out entirely and therefore can make hair appear greasy. Less is more when it comes to hair masks and our actual scalp.

Hair masks are available at just about any drug store, and there a whole lot to choose from. Look for one that doesn’t contain parabens, dyes or sulfates, and further, one that has a moisturizing base, for example, coconut or argan oil, both of which are super beneficial for hair.

Give this hair hack a try and see if it proves to be as effective for you as it has for me.

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