Here’s what your dog can and cannot eat

Since we got a puppy a few months ago, keeping a watchful eye over him and what he tries to eat has been a bit of a challenge. Aside from a few foods that aren’t necessarily the best for pups, he’s eaten Christmas ornaments, magazines, stones and an assortment of animal poop.

It’s been fun, to say the least.

In regards to foods he has consumed that he likely shouldn’t have, I thought it might be useful to offer a list of some foods dogs can, and cannot eat in hopes of shining some light on the matter for anyone else faced with a hyper-curious pooch. This information comes from

“1. Carrots: Can Eat
2. Grapes and Raisins: Can’t Eat
3. Salt: Limit
4. Peanut Butter: Can Eat
5. Eggs: Can Eat
6. Salmon: Can Eat
7. Chocolate: Can’t Eat
8. Cheese: Limit
9. Blueberries: Can Eat
10. Popcorn: Can Eat
11. Cashews: Limit
12. Macadamia Nuts: Can’t Eat
13. Almonds: Limit
14. Pineapple: Can Eat
15. Onions: Can’t Eat
16. Watermelon: Can Eat
17. Cottage Cheese: Limit
18. Bread: Can Eat
19. Blackberries: Can Eat
20. Avocado: Can’t Eat
21. Corn: Can Eat
22. Tomatoes: Limit
23. Green Peas: Can Eat
24. Oatmeal: Can Eat
25. Coffee and Tea: Can’t Eat
26. Apples: Can Eat
27. Garlic: Can’t Eat
28. Broccoli: Can Eat
29. Chicken: Can Eat
30. Sweet Potatoes: Can Eat
31. Xylitol: Can’t Eat
32. Coconut: Can Eat
33. Alcohol: Can’t Consume
34. Pork: Can Eat
35. Cinnamon: Limit
36. Mango: Can Eat
37. Nutmeg: Can’t Eat
38. Honey: Limit
39. Milk: Limit
40. Turkey: Can Eat
41. Rice: Can Eat
42. Beef: Can Eat
43. Lemons and Limes: Can’t Eat
44. Raw Yeast Dough: Can’t Eat
45. Bananas: Can Eat
46. Strawberries: Can Eat
47. Oranges: Can Eat
48. Peanuts: Limit
49. Mushrooms: Can Eat
50. Potatoes: Can Eat
51. Celery: Can Eat
52. Cherries: Limit
53. Shrimp: Can Eat”

Hopefully this information helps to provide some clarification on what dogs are able to enjoy as well as what they are unable to have. Pups can get into all sorts of things they shouldn’t, but hopefully food isn’t one of them.

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