Have you seen ‘Escape Room’?

The idea of escape rooms isn’t exactly one that appeals to me. While I believe the concept of escape rooms to be interesting, I personally have no desire to be locked in a room with a group of people and battle against the clock in an attempt to figure out how exactly to escape said given room. I know people that absolutely love doing escape rooms for fun, and while I may have given this activity a chance in the past, a certain movie has, without a doubt, kiboshed any possibility of me ever trying one out.

Blaine and I watched Escape Room not too long ago, and let’s just say after watching it I doubt I will ever be able to muster the balls to set foot in one of these places.

Escape Room is a 2019 American psychological horror film[4] directed by Adam Robitel and written by Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik. The film stars Taylor RussellLogan MillerDeborah Ann WollTyler LabineJay EllisNik Dodani, and Yorick van Wageningen, and follows a group of people who are sent to navigate a series of deadly escape rooms,” explains the film’s Wikipedia Page.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the movie when we first started watching it, but allow me to say it is one of the better horror movies I’ve seen within the past few years.

I would argue that the main reason this horror movie impressed me as much as it did is because it doesn’t abide by any overused, stereotypical tropes and themes that almost inevitably occur in any scary movie. It kept Blaine and I on our toes, and the cinematography is great in terms of making the escalation of suspense palpable for viewers.

I highly recommend this movie, although if you’re a fan of escape rooms and enjoy doing them, perhaps this isn’t the best movie for you.

Image from https://i.ytimg.com/vi/M34LSCSsxhY/maxresdefault.jpg

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