Do you re-watch shows? Read this to learn why it is a good practice

I’ve been chirped more times than I can count because I am a serial re-watcher. When I say I am a serial re-watcher, I am referring to how many time I re-watch television series as well as movies, and while I personally don’t see anything wrong with this behavior, apparently, others do. I get asked why I continue to watch over and over something I’ve seen a fair amount of times already as opposed to starting a new series or movie, but I am happy to explain this practice and its benefits to all of you.

Firstly, watching the same show or movie over and over is a common tendency among those of us who deal with anxiety. There is a sense of comfort in recognizing that when you choose to re-watch something, whatever it may be, you already know what to expect and therefore can relax and simply enjoy seeing something you have seen ample times. When you watch something new and you deal with anxiety, there is a hesitation to invest in a foreign show or movie because you are unable to predict what is coming, which can be triggering for some of us.

Secondly, in re-watching something, you often catch details you may have missed the first time around. There is a series I have watched twice through already, and because I noticed so many things in watching it the second time that I didn’t the first, I’m tempted to watch it for a third time to see what else I may have missed. It sounds sort of stupid in a way, but for me, it’s somewhat exciting and a bit of a game for me.

I would argue there are more benefits to re-watching something than there are consequences, so even if you’re getting chewed out for not straying out of your comfort zone when it comes to media productions, you can feel good about potentially discovering a hidden detail you may have missed if you didn’t watch something again.

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