Here’s why being too busy can be dangerous

I’ve said it before and I shall say it again; we very much so live in a society that is driven by the notion of keeping busy. So many of us are so busy, more than we arguably ever have been before, and yet we seem to continue to add to our plates to occupy us to a more severe extent.

We are busy with work. With family. With relationships. With responsibilities. With to-do’s. With pretty well everything in pretty well every facet of life. We have collectively become so busy that we are completely unaware of how toxic the mentality of staying busy is.

Through means of conversations and debates with friends and family, I have come to the conclusion that we have been so socially pressured to depict an image of keeping busy that we actually feel guilty the odd time we aren’t doing 100 things at once. When we do take the time to do something relaxing for ourselves, our minds immediately wander to all of things we aren’t doing, but feel like we should be, in addition to our ever-growing list of things we need to accomplish.

Personally, I despise the fact that this ideology to slow down to take in life itself is something that is affiliated with a negative connotation. Unless we are up to our eyeballs in shit to do and get done, we feel inferior, like we have let someone, or ourselves down. And this is a truly dangerous mindset, as it manipulates us into believing that we should feel badly for designating time for ourselves to relax and recharge.

When we think about life, it is crucial to acknowledge that we only get one to live. When we’re old and grey, we aren’t going to remember how many tasks we completed in a day; rather, we are going to remember moments in which we slowed our pace and allowed ourselves to absorb the simple pleasures and joys that we so often overlook in the busyness we create for ourselves.

So why aren’t we making a conscious effort to slow down more often?

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