Thinking about buying bras from SHEIN? Read this first

SHEIN, within the past little while, has seriously exploded onto the women’s clothing scene. Men’s clothing, too, although from my own observations, it seems as though more women tend to purchase from SHEIN than men, but I could be wrong.

I’ve ordered a few things from SHEIN over the past year or so, and I have to admit, the quality actually is good considering how affordable their items are. And, they sell a hell of a lot more than just clothing; home decor, bathroom essentials, pet items … you get my point.

I had read somewhere that SHEIN’s bras were worth trying, though I admit I was a little reluctant to order some. I should mention I’m not someone who typically orders bras online as you never quite know how they’re going to fit, but considering here in Ontario we are living in a prison and I’m not able to go out and buy any in-store, I said fuck it as I clicked the ‘place order’ button.

Allow me to say that I am pleasantly delighted with the bras I ordered from SHEIN, and I would absolutely order more from the company in the future. I purchased their 3pack Simple Wireless Bra after reading in the reviews that these puppies are made for us ladies in the ittie bittie titty committee club, and I got three for $17, which is a steal.

These bras are incredibly lightweight, comfortable and offer just the right amount of support. The quality doesn’t seem to be overly durable, which is the only downside of these bras, so don’t get too rough and rowdy when putting them on or taking them off to avoid tearing the fabric.

If you’re interested in the particular bras I ordered, I did link them above. And, if you’re not terribly large in the chest region, consider checking these out for yourself.

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