Here are some common, but debunked, myths

Ahhhh, myths. They’re something just about all of us have fallen vicim to at some point or another, and it seems as though there is an endless quantity of these things floating around.

Myths can be confusing. Sometimes we believe them to be true when in reality they’re false, and vice versa.

I was reading an article from The Good News Network that lists some pretty common myths that scientists have debunked for all of us, so I thought I would share the wealth with all of you. Check it out.

“Nearly half believe that most human heat escapes through your head, but experts claim only around 10 percent of body heat is lost this way, due to its relatively small surface.

“And far from the notion that goldfish only remember things for a few seconds, they are thought to have memories that last as long as three months.

“And, regarding our brain power, even something as simple as clenching and unclenching our fist uses far more than 10 percent of the human brain, according to scientific studies.

“Other misconceptions we often pass on include the color red sends bulls into a rage, yet the animals can’t even see the color. Similarly, you might have said that it takes seven years to digest swallowed chewing gum, which isn’t true because we can’t digest it at all.

“More than one in five (22 percent) believe that if a penny were dropped from the top of New York’s Empire State Building it would generate enough force to kill anyone it landed on—however, it’s simply too lightweight to do such a thing,” the article explains.

I’m saving the remaining debunked myths the article details for tomorrow’s post, but I have no shame and will be honest in saying that I, too, have fallen for some of the myths listed above. Have you?

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