Forget grass; here’s why your lawn should be covered in moss

Having a lush, green lawn is something a lot of us strive for. It does look pleasant when maintained, and for most of us, having green grass is much preferred to having spotty, dead and burnt grass, which does often happen here in Ontario in the summer months without a lot of precipitation.

This year has been the year of grass-cutting in Ontario, in my opinion, thanks to intense humidity, plenty of rain, and scorching temperatures. I don’t know if I have ever had to cut grass as often as I am this summer, and I imagine a lot of Ontarians are in the same boat – I mean, lawn mower. **

Whether it be because of the abundance of grass this year, or perhaps just to switch things up, an article by Andy Corbley from Good News Network presents some strong arguments for converting your lawn from typical grass to moss – check it out.

“Across the country, soft, cushiony moss could be the cure to the struggling homeowner’s case of a balding lawn. Growing faster, more easily, and with less effort than normal grass, it has been the landscaper’s choice in Japan for centuries.

“If one is struggling with patchy, dry, or weed-ridden grass lawns, it could be the moment to throw in the towel with a plant that in reality is quite fragile, almost always non-native, and offers little to the environment or the animals that live in the area.

“Moss gardens and moss lawns are becoming more and more popular in the United States. In so many ways, moss is superior to any species of grass—except perhaps for the purpose of serving as a volleyball court or soccer pitch.

“Moss grows fast, and is difficult to kill after it takes hold, and while psychologists note that green is a color that induces positive emotions, there’s no shade of green more vibrant or powerful than moist emerald moss. There are species that are perfect for sun, growing in between stepping stones, others which can climb over rocks or other objects, and carpet-like, or even edible moss,” says the article.

I don’t know about you, but at this rate, a moss yard is looking pretty damn tempting.

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