This is why you should respect service industry workers

I find it a little disappointing I’m even writing a post on this topic, because, really, to answer the title of this post, you should respect service industry workers because it’s human decency. That’s really all there is to it, but, unfortunately, I’m finding we are collectively needing this reminder because I work in the service industry, and myself along with any other service workers out there are fed up.

When COVID-19 first started, I noticed I was experiencing disrespect and downright rudeness working in my service position. I didn’t take it to heart as we were in the midst of a diverse and daunting predicament, and hoped things would improve as time passed. All of us were feeling a little terse, quite understandably.

What isn’t so understandable, however, is that COVID-19 has been a constant in our lives for an extended period of time now, and yet a lot of us are still using the pandemic as means to treat service workers like shit.

I get it. Masks and social distancing and quarantine are all getting old and tiresome, and we are all feeling rather frustrated and impatient with the situation. But us service workers are not the ones responsible for protocols and mandates that exist in order for businesses to be able to operate, yet we are treated as though we are.

This pandemic has affected all of us in all sorts of occupations, though I would argue the lack of decency and kindness towards people who work in the service industry is the longest lasting repercussion of COVID-19 in the context of jobs. We aren’t doormats; we are people, and it would be greatly appreciated to be treated as such.

Please, please be kind and patient with service workers right now and always. We are trying to navigate the situation as much as anyone else.

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