This is why we need to stop tolerating entitlement

Ahhh, entitlement. It’s something we are all familiar with, and hopefully it is a concept we can all agree on to be an off-putting one. It’s something I personally cannot and will not tolerate, yet unfortunately it seems as though it’s gaining traction amongst us and the ways in which we present ourselves. Working in … More This is why we need to stop tolerating entitlement

It pays to be kind

Since I’ve started working in customer service, I’ve become quite familiar with being treated poorly. From my understanding, anyone who works in customer service is in the same boat I am. And it isn’t a good one. I’m not exactly sure of the distinct reasoning that’s to blame regarding how crappy humans have become in … More It pays to be kind


The surgery I had to repair ligaments in my foot and further remove bone fragments has made it impossible for me to drive for the past six weeks. Thankfully, a lovely friend has been driving me to and from my classes at Niagara College, and my family has been driving me down to Thorold and … More Uber