Here’s why standing up for yourself is so important

In the current world we are living in, it is somewhat arguable that we as humans have never been more conflicted in terms of our emotions. The coronavirus pandemic has triggered all sorts of different reactions from us in regards to how we are handling its repercussions; some of us have developed mental health issues; some of us have developed physical ailments; and some of us have become absolute fucking assholes, to put it plainly.

I work in an environment (off the farm) where I interact with a looooooooot of people. Working in customer service prior to this pandemic was rough enough, but it has escalated to an entirely new level in terms of how nasty people are. Never in my life have I been berated, yelled at, put down, blamed for things beyond my control, insulted or mentally distraught as I have since this pandemic has started.

I had an encounter with someone at my work not very long ago. I won’t get into what the issue was exactly, but this certain individual was full out yelling at me, calling me “fucking crazy and stupid.”

I’d like to mention that I can take a lot. You sort of have to be able to when you work in customer service. But, there is a point that, when reached, I will not hesitate, and this particular incident was a fine example of that.

Essentially, I stood up for myself and told this person not to speak to me in such a manner. Naturally, this made them angrier, but because I didn’t back down, they realized they were in the wrong and stormed out. Because I defended myself and don’t believe in the bullshit ‘the customer is always right’ ideology, I’m now a bitch in this persons eyes, and, quite frankly, I could care less.

It has never been more important for us to stand up for ourselves, hold our ground, and refuse to back down, especially if you work in customer service. You are not a doormat; you are a person and deserve to be treated as such. Period.

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