Photography: more than taking pictures

Photography is something I have always had an interest in, and further, have always had a tremendous amount of respect for. Growing up, my dad was an avid amateur photographer; arguably, his skill level was and remains to be higher than that of an amateur considering he took a few courses and lessons when he was younger and even submitted his work in competitions. I say amateur because he did photography strictly recreationally and for pleasure, though he’s pretty good.

Growing up with a dad with an interest in photography is likely what prompted my own interest in it, and for my dad’s camera work, I am forever grateful. If it weren’t for him and all of the memories I have with him carting around his camera, I likely wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I currently do.

I have had no photography training up until recently, though I’ve done my fair share of it over the course of my life. In the past few years I’ve done a lot of social media work for different businesses and companies which certainly helped to enhance my skills with a camera, but as of late, myself and a family friend have started taking virtual photography lessons, and it is difficult to put into words how much I’ve learned already.

Photography is so, so much more than taking pictures. It isn’t simply point and click, as some of us may perceive it to be, but instead is a fascinating culmination of things like shutter speed, aperture, ISO and exposure, among many more elements, all of which contribute to the overall goal of photography; controlling light to create the perfect image. And, while I’m still a greenhorn, I’m hoping with a lot more practice and knowledge, I can eventually strive to capture the perfect image myself.

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