The surgery I had to repair ligaments in my foot and further remove bone fragments has made it impossible for me to drive for the past six weeks. Thankfully, a lovely friend has been driving me to and from my classes at Niagara College, and my family has been driving me down to Thorold and picking me up again on weekends. However, there has been the odd situation in which I have had no means for a ride somewhere, therefore I decided to download Uber from the App Store.

I have only used the App twice, my first experience being exceptional and the second being absolutely terrible. The App really is great because it allows you to either book a ride at your convenience, instantly, or to book a ride in advance, for example, if you are aware that in two days time you will need a ride. Each ride is recorded in the App afterward, informing you who your driver was, and prior to the driver arriving, the App sends you an alert describing what sort of vehicle they’re driving.

I wanted to create this post to discuss how phenomenal Uber’s customer service is. After my unfortunate second experience with the App, I filed a complaint, and within¬†literal minutes a company representative phoned me to discuss what had occurred. She recorded everything in detail, ensured I was okay and refunded my ride. When my unfortunate experience initially happened, I did not wish to use the App ever again, however, the company’s fantastic customer service has convinced me otherwise.

Overall, I certainly would recommend Uber to others. My poor experience aside, unpredictable things happen, and the way in which Uber handled the situation reinstated my trust and comfortability with the service. The representative I spoke to, Rosie, was professional, kind and understanding, and I sincerely appreciate how Uber handled my complaint.

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