Galt Juice Bakery’s Quinoa Puff Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am beyond thrilled that I have been able to compose two posts as of late discussing some tasty treats I can consume with my food allergies. The first was my post regarding Newton’s No Gluten products, and today’s post regards Galt Juice Bakery’s Quinoa Puff Chocolate Chip Cookies.

My sister picked up these cookies for me a couple of days ago, and after trying one last night I can say with complete confidence that I will undoubtedly be purchasing these beauties again. These cookies are free of GMOs, preservatives, dairy, gluten, and egg, and they’re sourced from local ingredients to boot.

Galt Juice products are made in Cambridge, Ontario, and these delights also come in salted caramel and cold pressed ginger flavours. Their website lists all of their products, and in addition to baked goods, Galt Juice further makes meal boxes and fresh juices to be used as part of a juice cleanse. Check them out!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. These cookies are soft, fresh, and exploding with flavour, and to answer what you’re probably thinking, no, they do not taste like quinoa. I would argue they’re so flavourful because they contain so many yummy and nutritious ingredients, for example, coconut, cinnamon, honey, and walnuts.

The cookies are a good size, with one serving being 180 calories. They’re super satisfying as well, likely because of the hearty ingredients they contain, therefore one will probably calm your craving for something sweet. If not, though, have another! They’re that good, and they’re certainly more nutritious than your average cookie.

One bag contains roughly five cookies and retails for $3.00, which is one of the cheaper prices for gluten, dairy and egg-free cookies I have seen. These cookies essentially offer it all – a great price, local, healthy ingredients, and they’re delicious. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

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