Here’s why standing your ground via e-communication is so important

We live in a very technology-dominant world. This isn’t a new realization by any means, and with each passing day, more advanced technology is developed with innovation beyond comprehension. Communication has become very technology-oriented, and with that, we have been forced to adapt to chatting with others through the internet, email, text messaging, video calls, and more.

Something I find to be a tad troubling is the observation that some of us seem to forget basic courtesy and kindness when communicating through technology. Granted, it is a little tricky to convey emotion or enthusiasm through automated conversation, but it is possible thanks to things such as punctuation and the forsaken emoji. There isn’t really an excuse for being rude when talking to someone in a manner other than face-to-face, but it seems as though more and more of us are using this as justification to be snarky via e-communication.

I sent an email to a company the other day for my mother who was having difficulty with a particular product she recently purchased. The response she received from a customer service representative was rude, condescending, ignorant and simply unnecessary, and I wasn’t going to simply brush this persons rudeness aside. I wrote back to this person on behalf of my mom and essentially called them out on how unprofessional and aggressive their email was, and after ripping this person a new one, they dramatically changed their tone and were much more pleasant.

Isn’t it a little sad that we have to confront people with their lack of respect through e-communication in order to receive appropriate and warranted treatment? Had I not called this person out, they likely would have continued to be snarky to my mom, not to mention any other customer they might be dealing with.

Stand your ground when it comes to electronic communication. Conversing through a device, for whatever reason, gives a lot of folks of big-man syndrome, so it’s important to remind these people to calm themselves and stop treating their keyboard like a battlefield.

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