The reality of renovating a home

Blaine and I recently began renovating the house we will (hopefully) be moving into by the end of this year. We haven’t yet lived together, so the prospect of moving in together is an exciting one.

We are exceptionally fortunate in the sense that the house we happen to be moving into is owned by my parents and is located on one of the farms my family owns. It is close by to where I currently live on the home farm, which is a good thing because I am a major homebody, and it’s a perfect home for us to begin our lives together in.

The house itself is sound, but it is certainly in need of a major facelift. Blaine and I were under the impression the kitchen and bathroom were going to be the most work, but after speaking to a contractor about a lack of insulation, we are now taking every wall down to its studs and removing the ceilings in every room.

Needless to say, it’s been a shit load of work, and we’ve only just begun.

Let me be very transparent and say that renovating (or, in our case, demolishing) a home is a trying process. It requires patience, organization, cooperation, and an ability to overlook an astounding mess for a temporary period of time. You will likely injure yourself at some point, as both Blaine and I have, and having strong friends is a huge benefit. You will ruin tools and clothing, and you will have plaster dust and insulation remnants in your hair and throat for months after. Your snot will not be transparent for a long time, and you should consider investing in an ear cleaner. If you’re renovating a home with a partner, you will fight, cry, laugh, yell, scream and celebrate the small victories.

Most importantly, you will build character, skills, and an appreciation for the hard work you’ve invested in a home.

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