It pays to be kind

Since I’ve started working in customer service, I’ve become quite familiar with being treated poorly.

From my understanding, anyone who works in customer service is in the same boat I am. And it isn’t a good one.

I’m not exactly sure of the distinct reasoning that’s to blame regarding how crappy humans have become in terms of how we interact with one another, but I am sure that I’m not a fan. I don’t think anyone is.

I’ve come to the conclusion that many of us believe that we’re superior to the person who may be helping us out in a customer service setting. Their purpose is to serve us, so we treat them accordingly – with entitlement, disrespect and demand. We, for some unknown reason, lose sight of the fact that the person who is serving us is just that; a person. They have feelings, and they deserve to be treated with the same decency any of us expect to be treated with. So why can’t we reciprocate this decency in the realm of customer service?

It costs zero dollars to be kind, and it really isn’t a difficult feat to accomplish. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep your mouth closed, and bear in mind the concept of treating others how you would appreciate being treated. Especially when you’re dealing with an employee in a business setting.

Working in customer service has really prompted me to be mindful of my words and actions when I’m engaging with someone else in the same industry. Be patient, demonstrate understanding, and just be nice. Everyone is dealing with something, and experiencing anger all day can really take a toll on an employee. It’s trying at times, but kindness can go a long way – a hell of a lot further than being a dick.

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