In need of a graphic designer? Read this

Graphic design is one of those things that we may not necessarily realize the importance of. Graphic design is literally everywhere; signage, menus, magazine covers, logos … the list goes on. We see it daily, yet a lot of us don’t necessarily realize just how pivotal graphic design is considering we are immersed within it on a day-to-day basis and become oblivious to its presence.

When it came time for me to start contemplating what exactly it was I wanted in regards to creating my wedding and bridal shower invitations, I knew I probably could create them myself, seeing as there are so many available options to do so with printing websites like Vistaprint and Shutterfly. But, because there are a lot of other elements involved with wedding planning that were and continue to occupy a significant amount of time, I figured I should probably seek out a graphic designer with skill and experience to design some for me.

I remembered that one of my friends from high school studied graphic design after we graduated, so I decided to shoot her a message to chat about configuring a style for my invitations that I liked. Her name is Amanda Mendes and she is from Brant/Norfolk County, here in Ontario, Canada, and allow me to say if you are in need of a graphic designer, Amanda is your girl.

Not only did Amanda successfully create exactly what I had envisioned for my invitations, but she went above and beyond in terms of making endless changes to align with my pickiness. Any alterations I requested were made without question, and her pricing is super affordable. She is so, so kind, professional, understanding and does phenomenal work, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a graphic designer.

I would be happy to put anyone in touch with Amanda if they are interested in chatting with her about graphic design, so feel free to comment below or send me an email to learn more.

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