e.l.f. Wow Brow: a hidden gem

I’m at a point in my life in which I’ve grown rather tired of meticulously filling in and carving out my eyebrows to enable them to look as though they grow perfectly on my face. It’s time consuming, frustrating, and, for me, personally, somewhat stupid.

I decided to embrace a more natural eyebrow look this summer as a result of my struggles with the time and effort it takes to draw on my eyebrows. I figured it might be a good opportunity to get away from pomades and pencils and instead rely on nothing more than a solid eyebrow gel; one that adds volume and depth while holding hairs in place.

I’ve tried a variety of brow gels over the years, but I recently purchased one I consider to be a hidden gem in the beauty world; I ordered from Amazon the e.l.f. Wow Brow, and I am blown away with how well this stuff works.

If my memory serves me correctly, this bad boy cost me less than five bucks, and it works better than any other brow gel I’ve tried that coincidentally happen to be double or triple the price of the e.l.f. one.

This stuff works, my friends. It adds the perfect amount of fibres to give the appearance your brows are fuller than they really are; the colour is just about exactly what it says it is; the product holds brows in place all day long; and it doesn’t clump or apply inconsistently like a lot of other eyebrow gel products do.

I simply cannot get over how well this product performs for the incredibly reasonably price it costs. It is definitely a bit of an underdog in the beauty world, but it’s worth trying, without a doubt. Give it a shot if you haven’t already; I doubt you will be disappointed.

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