The significance of accepting what we cannot change

There are things in life that are, inevitably, beyond any means of our control. Whether it be a situational outcome, a relationship, a familial dynamic or a job position, there are things we will come across while walking our path of life that cannot be altered, like a fallen tree blocking our way and forcing us to reroute.

Despite the inevitability of this, there are still a lot of us who seriously struggle to accept what we cannot change, myself included. I’m not entirely sure as to why this is, but speaking for me, personally, I believe it has something to do with my character traits and my preference to be able to fix or resolve an issue as opposed to coming to the realization that, at times, I cannot.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with my mindset, but it can prove to be problematic when I am faced with something I have absolutely no ability to alter. It frustrates me to know that regardless of how much I try to change something, there are times and situations in which this simply is not feasible.

I still struggle with accepting what I am unable to change, but I have gotten to a point in my life in which I am able to come to terms with it without fighting it, or resisting it, as much as I once did. Perhaps this acceptance comes with life experience.

I think it is worth mentioning that accepting what we cannot change doesn’t have to be an easy process. If anything, acting as though it isn’t and pretending it is something that comes easy to me would be a disservice to reality. The act of coming to terms with my inability to change the outcome of something isn’t something I necessarily condone, and it can be helpful to acknowledge that accepting this doesn’t mean I am celebrating it.

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