The significance of being kind

If I had to bet, I would think that the majority of us have heard the saying, or something similar, to the idea of always being kind to others as you never know what someone is going through, dealing with, or both. And, to be fair, I would hope that most of us are familiar … More The significance of being kind

Read this before approaching someone about their mental health

Mental health is a stigmatized topic of conversation. More specifically, mental illness. This isn’t anything new, and while the topic has gained ground in terms of being more socially accepted, and further, discussed, mental health conversations aren’t anywhere near where they should be regarding advocacy and awareness. We’re certainly moving in the right direction, but … More Read this before approaching someone about their mental health

The significance of accepting what we cannot change

There are things in life that are, inevitably, beyond any means of our control. Whether it be a situational outcome, a relationship, a familial dynamic or a job position, there are things we will come across while walking our path of life that cannot be altered, like a fallen tree blocking our way and forcing … More The significance of accepting what we cannot change

Embracing change

September is a time of year during which many of us have mixed emotions. Perhaps you’re starting your first year of post-secondary education and you’re feeling rather overwhelmed; maybe you’re a parent sending your child off to junior kindergarten; you may be finishing up a job you thoroughly enjoyed to begin a new one. Whatever … More Embracing change

Promoting self-love

It can be difficult to recognize things about ourselves that we appreciate, or love. I would argue that because we are socially conditioned to seek out our flaws and the flaws of others, a social construction that is perpetuated through social media, print media, and visual media, we fail to consider that there are things … More Promoting self-love

Stubborn Acceptance

“There are some things in life you simply cannot change.” This phrase, and affiliated variations, is something I remind myself of when I am feeling particularly stressed or my anxiety is getting the best of me. I am the type of person who prefers control over spontaneity. Do I perceive this trait as negative? Not … More Stubborn Acceptance

Here’s Why Fat Shaming In Popular Culture Needs to End

I recently viewed a trailer for a Netflix original film titled Insatiable, a film depicting the life of a teenage girl named Patty who is overweight. The trailer begins by showing Patty’s daily life and the incredulous amount of bullying and discrimination she encounters because of her weight. Apparently, she gets punched in the face, … More Here’s Why Fat Shaming In Popular Culture Needs to End