The significance of being kind

If I had to bet, I would think that the majority of us have heard the saying, or something similar, to the idea of always being kind to others as you never know what someone is going through, dealing with, or both. And, to be fair, I would hope that most of us are familiar with this concept, because it is a rather important one to be aware of, and it is infinite in terms of its relevance.

Everyone, at some point or another in life, will encounter hardship or an obstacle of some sort. Some of us will be dealt a far shittier hand than others, and while this isn’t fair, it is the harsh truth. I know people who have had more than their share of shit in life as well as people who seemingly live a supposedly content life with no apparent struggles.

Something I think worth drawing attention to is the saying I mentioned earlier, but reversed, in a way. We know the significance of always being kind to others as we are not always aware of what someone may be going through, but I think it is equally important to be mindful of this ideology when someone isn’t terribly nice to us. It is instinctual to refer to someone who isn’t overly kind to us as rude, a bitch, an asshole, or whatever your profanity preference is. Something we all might benefit from when we are at the receiving end of rudeness is the same concept of kindness we exhibit towards others; perhaps this person has a lot on their plate and is struggling to cope with it all, which is why they were a bit snippy with me earlier.

I hope I’m making sense, because in my own mind, what I’m trying to communicate to you is entirely logical.

I guess I’m trying to convey the message that while a lot of us are mindful of being kind to others, we may not be as mindful when we are at the receiving end of nastiness or brashness from someone else.

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