Here’s Why Fat Shaming In Popular Culture Needs to End

I recently viewed a trailer for a Netflix original film titled Insatiable, a film depicting the life of a teenage girl named Patty who is overweight. The trailer begins by showing Patty’s daily life and the incredulous amount of bullying and discrimination she encounters because of her weight. Apparently, she gets punched in the face, has her jaw wired shut, loses a significant amount of weight, becomes hot and popular, and gets revenge on those who bullied her.

Not only is this by far one of the most ignorant, discriminant and immature film plots I have come across, but it hands-down has to be one of the stupidest and flawed film plots to date.

Let’s be blunt; making movies about overweight women who lose weight and suddenly become ‘hot’ is getting fucking old. This entire concept is sickening, demoralizing, self-deprecating, illogical, uneducated, unjust, wrong, and simply unnecessary.

How many studies have to be conducted demonstrating that an overweight person isn’t unnecessarily healthy? How many reports must we read explaining that for many people, excess body fat is a result of a medication they’ve been prescribed?

When will society recognize that thinness does not mean beauty, nor does fatness? Why can’t we collaboratively comprehend that beauty and weight are not a result of the other, and that beauty isn’t only a surface-level concept?

This argument is applicable to men, too. There are enough movies depicting a similar plot focused around a male who is fat, loses weight, becomes popular, handsome and successful, and miraculously achieves a flawless lifestyle.

This movie Insatiable has already been torn to shreds by those have viewed the trailer, and rightly so. I’m not quite sure what Netflix was thinking with this one, but then again, I think it’s safe to say they weren’t thinking at all.

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