Have you heard about #ShowUs ?

The other evening, my mom encouraged to take a look at her latest Chatelaine magazine.

I’m not normally an avid Chatelaine reader, but after flipping through the June/July edition, I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed.

The cover of this issue of the magazine features a striking woman in a bathing suit. The image is untouched and raw, something that immediately caught my attention as magazine covers typically depict heavily airbrushed bodies and faces:


A few pages into the magazine, I came across this note from Dove:


I’ve pulled the following excerpt from the note from Dove, seen above:

“… Dove has taken action with Getty Images and Girlgaze to create Project #ShowUs – the world’s largest stock photo collection created by women and non-binary individuals, to shatter beauty stereotypes by showing us as we are, not as others believe we should be.”

Can I get a hell ya?

Further into the magazine, in the Style section, we see seven pages depicting photos of beautiful and diverse women, in swimsuits, untouched and unedited. We see them for who they truly are, as opposed to seeing them in a manner society dictates and orchestrates, and I think this initiative from Dove as well as Chatelaine is so commendable. Each model portrayed in the photos has a quote accompanying their image regarding their stance towards body positivity, and each is absolutely worth reading.

Had my mom not encouraged me to take a look, I would have been completely oblivious to this incredible body positivity initiative. If you happen to see this issue of the magazine anywhere, I ask you to consider picking up a copy and seeing this fantastic movement for yourself.

It’s time us women celebrate ourselves as just that – ourselves. Not as society suggests what we should be, or do, or look like. Just us, raw and unfiltered and beautiful.

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