Social media: communication channels or argumentative platforms?

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I were conversing about all of the social media postings as of late regarding changes to abortion laws in the U.S.

If you use social media, you’ve likely noticed the onslaught of individuals advocating their stance on abortion across all platforms.

I said to my boyfriend that while I think it’s fantastic so many people can express their views towards a topic via social media, it’s also somewhat problematic because of the amount of arguments that develop from these opinionated posts. Almost every single post I’ve seen about changes to abortion laws have a string of comments attached to it, with complete strangers arguing with one another based on a difference in opinions.

And, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, some of these arguments take a rather nasty turn and become bullying.

From my own observations, it seems as though social media channels are becoming a means for people to attack one another over alternate perspectives as opposed to a means for communication. Sometimes I actually avoid using social media because the negativity is excessive.

There attacks aren’t specific to posts about abortion, either. For whatever reason, many social media users deem it perfectly acceptable to rip apart someone because they have particular views about something that may not compare to their own.

I’m not exactly sure when social media platforms took a turn for the worst in terms of the amount of negativity spewed across all of them, but I for one am not a fan. Facebook, in particular, is often the platform with the most negativity from what I have seen, and it’s quite sad.

There is nothing wrong with sharing an opinion with someone, or correcting someone who is incorrect in what they’re posting to social media. But, there is something wrong with attacking someone because their opinion isn’t the same as yours, and social media is quickly become inundated with these irrelevant attacks.

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