Dealing with people who don’t like you

As you may have guessed from the title, the topic of today’s post is how to deal with people who don’t like you.

Personally, I find it a lot easier to deal with people I don’t like, rather than deal with people who don’t like me. If I don’t like someone, I don’t necessarily have to associate with them, and I am in control of when and how I do engage with them.

If someone doesn’t like me, though, that sense of control is out of my hands, and often times, I’m left feeling awkward, frustrated, confused and somewhat irritated.

So, to beg the question – how do we deal with people who don’t like us?

I would love to state that I have a completely effective, step-by-step strategy for navigating this uncomfortable aspect of life, but alas, I do not. This guidance is more or less my own opinion and what I tend to do if I must deal with someone I know doesn’t like me.

Sometimes it is effective, other times it isn’t, but hey, at least I’m trying.

The first thing I suggest if you come to realize someone doesn’t like you is to try and understand the reasoning behind their dislike for you. Did you do, or say something to offend them? Did you have a conflict in the past? If so, and you know you are at fault, an apology might be your best bet. Make room for forgiveness, acceptance and growth, and get past any major hurdles.

If you’re unable to place a reason as to why someone doesn’t like you, just be decent towards them. Don’t shower them with rainbows and unicorns, but instead be courteous and pleasant. Perhaps they will come around and show you a warmer welcome.

There’s always the chance that you will meet people in life who dislike you for no apparent reason, and unfortunately, there’s only so much you can in these types of situations. If your efforts to improve your relationship with someone who doesn’t like you are wasted, just move on. Some people aren’t worth the time.

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