Planning a wedding? Check out Moore’s in Brantford for your wedding party

This past weekend, Blaine and I ventured out to Moore’s in Brantford to pick out what he and his groomsmen will be sporting for our wedding.

I told Blaine I was more than willing to provide input and my opinion in terms of what he and his guys are wearing for our wedding, but I stressed to him that he ultimately had the final say in choosing a style and that this consultation was his department.

Blaine has been in several wedding parties, so this whole process wasn’t his first rodeo. I, however, have no experience in deciding on groomsmen attire for a wedding, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

We dealt with a lovely gal named Isabella who was significantly helpful when it came down to picking out what Blaine and his buddies are going to wear. We were able to reference a style binder to pick out suits, shirts, ties, pocket cloths, suspenders, shoes and even socks. We ultimately decided to rent as opposed to buy, but we found the rates to be incredibly reasonable.

I quite enjoyed the entire process, as did Blaine. Moore’s in Brantford has a wide selection of suit and tuxedo rentals and purchases, and our consultant took her time with us and ensured we felt comfortable and understood in our vision, which is always appreciated. We also received a great deal with some serious savings because of the size of our wedding party, so I recommend checking them out if you’re in the same boat with your own wedding party.

Blaine and I had a great experience at Moore’s in Brantford. I absolutely recommend them for anyone getting married who is in need of suits or tuxedos, or for anyone in need of some mens clothing and dress ware in general.

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