Here’s why you need to watch ‘Bruised’

I’ve seen my share of fighter/boxing/mixed martial arts (MMA)/ultimate fighting championship (UFC) movies. Typically, these sorts of movies are produced and executed well, as they often follow a protagonist with a harrowing backstory that overcomes significant obstacles to get where they are in their career. I’m sure some of us find these consistent tropes in these sorts of films to be redundant, but for me, personally, I like a heartwarming story.

Blaine and I decided to watch ‘Bruised’ via Netflix a few nights ago. After seeing the trailer for it, I knew I wanted to see it, and because I haven’t seen a Halle Berry film in quite a while, we decided to press play.

The film follows Halle Berry portraying the character of Jackie Justice, a former MMA fighter who retired from fighting after enduring an unfortunate loss four years ago. Living with her manager/partner, Desi, played by Adan Canto, who happens to be a tremendous and abusive asshole, Jackie finds herself struggling to make ends meet while being rather unhappy.

Shortly into the film, Jackie is reintroduced to her six-year-old son, Manny, whom she abandoned when he was an infant. His father was violently killed, and because Manny witnessed the crime, he becomes mute.

Jackie snags the opportunity of a lifetime to fight again. While preparing herself to once again enter the MMA realm, Jackie struggles to train and parent her son who is essentially a stranger to her.

I think Halle Berry is incredible in the film, as is her trainer, Buddhakan, played by Sheila Atim. I wouldn’t necessarily say this film is your average fighting movie because of the emphasis placed on Jackie and her relationship with her son, and I absolutely recommend it for anyone looking for an action-packed, emotional, inspirational movie. It’s worth the watch.

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