Ignore the critics and go see ‘House of Gucci’

My mom and I, a couple of evenings ago, ventured to our local movie theatre to see ‘House of Gucci’. We both agreed we would go and view it together when we first saw the trailer for the film, and so we did just that and had ourselves a lovely mother-daughter date.

I was a little hesitant to go and see it because I had read several reviews of the movie by professional critics, and not one of them was positive. Every review I have read thus far claims the movie is too long, too slow in terms of progression and pace, and filled with awful Italian accents.

Allow me to say I am glad I decided against the reviews and went and saw the movie anyway, because, in my opinion, none of these statements about the film are true. Not one.

Is the film a bit slower in terms of how it moves through the plot and story? Yes, it is. But it certainly isn’t boring, and I was actually surprised when I dipped out of the theatre to use the washroom, looked at my clock, and realized almost two-and-a-half hours had already gone by (the film is about two hours and 40 minutes). It certainly didn’t feel like I was sitting in the theatre for that long, and at no point was I thinking that a scene was dragging on.

As for the Italian accents, I’m no expert but I am confident all of the actors and actresses’ versions of the accent are far better than mine could ever be.

Lady Gaga is truly astonishing in her role as Patrizia Gucci, and for me, she is the film stand out, along with Jared Leto’s portrayal of Paulo Gucci. This film is so educational regarding the history of the Gucci family name, the downfall of the business, and the power of greed, and I absolutely recommend going to see it in theatres.

Image from https://images.indianexpress.com/2021/11/house-of-gucci-review-1200.jpg

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