A moment of appreciation for Bass Pro

My sister celebrated her 29th birthday earlier this week, and her one request to commemorate her special day was to make a trip down to Bass Pro with myself and my parents. Thanks to COVID we haven’t really been out a whole lot, and while venturing out to Bass Pro may not seem like the most exciting activity, we were all looking forward to going.

I haven’t been in a Bass Pro for probably a decade now, so I’ll admit I was a little excited to hit one up again. I need some insulated winter boots, so I decided ahead of time I was going to look for some when I arrived.

Bass Pro, while technically an outdoors store, arguably has something to offer to just about everyone. There is a plethora of shit to browse through in these stores, and it isn’t difficult to lose track of what you actually went there to grab considering how vast these stores are, and the variety of merchandise they sell. I think you could probably spend an entire day in a Bass Pro and not even purchase anything; browsing would suffice for me because there is so much to look at.

I managed to snag some boots, a cute sweater in clearance and a long sleeved shirt for Blaine. I grabbed a few random, smaller items as well, and my family got some goodies, too.

I’ve always significantly appreciated the aesthetics apparent in these stores. All of the preserved species of animals along the cliffs, the fake trees, the aquarium and more are very much appreciated, and they certainly add to the feel of being in an outdoors store.

If you haven’t been to a Bass Pro, I highly recommend checking one out. Even if it is just to look around, it’s worth visiting.

Image from https://assetshare.basspro.com/content/dam/bps-general-assets/web/site-elements/logos/images/logo-basspro-acol.png

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