Lyme disease treatment: Lauren edition

In case you’re wondering why the title of this post states ‘Lauren edition,’ allow me to explain. It is possible you’re scratching your head reading that because you may be under the impression that there is one specific way to treat Lyme disease.

Unfortunately, this, generally, is not the case.

Lyme disease is a real bitch in the sense that it can affect people differently, meaning it can trigger certain ailments for one person dealing with Lyme versus another. There are a lot of major symptoms that overlap in the majority of cases, some examples being arthritis/arthritic pain, inflammation, joint issues and fatigue. But, there are plenty of other symptoms that may or may not present themselves in any given Lyme case, making it that much more difficult to treat.

The reason I’m saying ‘Lauren edition’ in terms of Lyme treatment is that I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been doing that have helped to suppress my Lyme. This is my own treatment plan, and because treatment of Lyme disease is not exactly uniform across everyone who has it, I figured I should stipulate this reality and make it clear that this is my own treatment, not a guaranteed one for someone else.

Some of the things I do to combat my Lyme include:

  • Using the Cowden protocol which is a nine-month supplement program consisting of pills and tinctures
  • Dry brushing
  • Using an infrared sauna to flush toxins out of my body
  • Taking a shitload of vitamins and minerals
  • Avoiding certain foods and alcohol
  • Reducing and hopefully, eventually, quitting smoking
  • Visiting salt caves

I’m sure there are other folks with Lyme who also use these forms of treatment, but again, there isn’t one clear path to take in terms of treating Lyme. Each case is unique, so until you have a concrete understanding of your own specific Lyme diagnosis, finding effective treatment can be tricky.

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