Here’s why you need to visit Blush Medical Aesthetics

I am not someone who frequently visits any type of salon, studio, or beauty-related business. I never have, and probably never will, simply because the world of aesthetics and all of its services have never really appealed to me. Working on a farm isn’t exactly a profession in which beauty and my appearance are my highest priority, although I should stipulate that I do put some effort into how I look. I’m not a complete gremlin. Normally speaking, though, when I’m working on the farm, I don’t wear makeup, nor do I style my hair. I don’t think the crops or livestock would give two shits if I came to see them all dolled up.

I might be giving the impression that I am a tomboy, and while I am to an extent, I wouldn’t say I identify as one entirely. I’m like a tomboy diva in some ways, if that makes any sense.

Anyways, because I am getting married in a few months, I wanted to get some eyelash extensions to see if I liked them and in turn would wear them for my wedding. One of my good friends recommended I go see Caitlynne at Blush Medical Aesthetics in Brantford, Ontario, and I did just that.

I got the classic full set, and because I never really do anything for myself in the context of professional beauty services, I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect. Caitlynne happens to be the owner of Blush, and she was nothing short of astounding. This gal was so professional, kind, welcoming, patient and gentle, and she and I shot the shit for the entire two hours I was laying there getting my eyelashes extended.

Blush is clean, reasonably priced, warm and a must-visit for anyone looking for some aesthetic spruce-ups. I cannot recommend it enough, plus I do love me a female-owned small business.

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