Here’s why you shouldn’t take your frustrations out on wait staff

This past weekend, my mom, dad, myself and Blaine ventured into Brantford to go out for dinner. We hadn’t gone out for dinner as a family for quite a while, and although my sister wasn’t able to come as she was working, we decided we would go without her and grab her something to bring home with us.

I mean, it’s better than nothing.

We were planning on dining at Montana’s, however, there was a 45-minute wait. Next, we tried Crabby Joe’s which also has a 45-minute wait. As did Eastside Marios and Red Lobster. So, we figured we would go to The Symposium in Brantford as we have eaten there before and enjoy the food, and it normally isn’t overly busy.

Lo and behold, it was packed, but we were able to get a table immediately, so it was a start. I’m not sure if a memo was sent out to all of the inhabitants of Brantford to hit the town and go out for dinner, but it was borderline astounding to see so many folks out for a meal.

I believe we waited for our meals for over an hour. Service at this restaurant typically isn’t this slow, and while it was busy, we noticed that the wait staff was lacking a wee bit. Our waitress then informed us that there was only one cook in the entire kitchen, hence the rather significant delay.

I could tell that this poor girl had not had a pleasant shift and had probably been bitched at the entire night because of the slow pace of service. My family and I assured this girl that the situation at hand was not of her doing, and the relief that crossed her face when we asked her not to stress too much was pronounced. We then proceeded to have a conversation about how unnecessary it is when patrons in a restaurant verbally abuse the wait staff for a delay in food delivery considering the wait staff have absolutely nothing to do with cooking food; their job is to bring food to tables. Not cook it. So what the fuck is the point of screaming at them when they literally have no involvement in the problem? It’s inappropriate, ineffective, and immature, to put it plainly.

Don’t be a dick to wait staff about the amount of time it takes for your food to be made. They ain’t making it.

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