The difference between Canadian and American bridal showers

Allow me to stipulate right from the get-go that I am not a professional bridal shower attendee. This post is based solely on experience, and please correct me if you note anything that I am speaking incorrectly about.

I have a decent amount of family in the States. I have family all over the world, actually, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to focus on the ones who happen to be my border neighbours.

This past weekend, my mom, my aunts, my cousin and my grandmother ventured to Buffalo to attend the bridal shower of our American relative. Myself, my sister and my dad weren’t able to go as we are busy on the farm, hence why my mom went in our absence. She said the shower was truly lovely, but I was surprised to hear from her that, apparently, there is quite a difference in how Canadian bridal showers are conducted versus American ones.

Here in Canada, bridal showers tend to look rather similar across the board. Presents are received and opened, food and drinks are available, some mingling occurs, and we play those cheesy-ass games that no one really enjoys participating in if we are being honest.

American bridal showers, on the other hand, tend to be a wee different. They still include the present opening and the food and drinks and whatnot, but these cringe-worthy games are not a thing, which is something I can certainly appreciate.

Furthermore, American bridal showers are more enjoyable in the sense that just about every attendee wins a solid prize. My mom came home with a charming bundle containing body spray, a soap dispenser, bath bombs, and a cute makeup bag, and she said she couldn’t believe how many prizes were available.

My bridal shower is said and done, but by the sounds of it, perhaps I should have hosted it stateside.

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