Swiffer Wet Jet: hit or miss?

In lieu of yesterday’s post, one might think I’m on a bit of a cleaning kick as of late.

For anyone thinking this, you’re absolutely right. Now that Blaine and I are living in our own space, I’m having to do a significant amount more cleaning than I did when I was still living with my mom and dad. My mom, as I have mentioned, is the queen of cleaning, so I have a rather high standard of cleanliness when it comes to the place I’m living in.

I’ve been using our Roomba vacuum quite a bit, but we have yet to get a mop. That is, until this past weekend, when Blaine and I visited Lowe’s to grab a few things and we picked up a Swiffer Wet Jet.

Swiffer Wet Jet’s certainly aren’t new, but I’ve never owned one. The price was decent, and everything we required was displayed right there on the shelf, so after grabbing the device itself, cleaning pads and the cleaning solution required to run the device, we headed home and I immediately put it to the test.

I fucking love this thing, and it pains me to acknowledge how long I have deprived myself of the joys of using a Swiffer Wet Jet.

The thing works damn well, although I should probably stipulate that our entire home has a click-in laminate-type hardwood floor. Swiffer Wet Jets can be used on most flooring types, but not all, so before you go out and get one, make sure to check to see if your flooring can withstand its cleaning powers.

The device is light and easy to carry around the house, and it doesn’t wreak havoc on your shoulders like a traditional heavier mop might. The cleaning solution it uses goes a long way, and it’s battery-operated, so it doesn’t require a charging station or anything like that. They’re inexpensive, efficient and effective, and I think they’re great.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/6195274/pexels-photo-6195274.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1

2 thoughts on “Swiffer Wet Jet: hit or miss?

  1. My floors sound very similar to yours. I have been searching for something other than a regular mop every since my floor was put in a year ago. I keep hearing good reviews on the Swiffer…..might just check into it 🤔 😁😁


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