Have you seen ‘Hustle’?

A few nights ago, before we snuggled up in bed, Blaine and I were browsing through Netflix titles, once again fighting the endless battle of determining what to watch. We were having some difficulty in choosing something, until Blaine scrolled past a movie called ‘Hustle’ which I had read and heard quite positive things about.

Blaine is a sports nut, so it was a no-brainer.

‘Hustle’ is a 2022 Netflix film starring Adam Sandler who plays Stanley Sugerman, a basketball scout, who is just about at the end of his rope with his career. It isn’t that he doesn’t like his job; he lives and breathes basketball, and played college ball himself back in the day. His job, however, requires a shit load of travelling, and seeing as he has missed his daughter’s birthday every year for nine years, he’s struggling with being away from his family so much.

Stanley crosses paths with a lad named Bo Cruz, played by Juancho Hernangomez (an actual NBA player) while scouting in Spain. He ends up bringing Bo back to Philly with him and begins training him to be drafted to an NBA team.

This movie is hands-down one of the best sports films I have ever seen. It isn’t cliche in the sense that you can just about guess the entire plot line of the movie, and I was captivated throughout the entirety of the film’s duration.

The movie is packed with actual NBA players, some of whom play themselves and some who play fictional characters, but the presence of these athletes certainly make the basketball depicted in the movie that much more authentic and believable.

Adam Sandler is incredible in this movie, and it’s refreshing to see him take on a more serious role. This movie is emotional, exciting, inspirational and funny, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who has yet to see it.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/945471/pexels-photo-945471.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1

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