Getting your helix pierced? Read this

I got my ears pierced, to the best of my recollection, when I was about 10-12 years of age. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I do remember going to Claire’s in the Brantford mall with my mom to get them pierced.

I cried like a little bitch, but it was worth it.

I think I was sixteen or so when I had second holes pierced in my earlobes, and I didn’t puncture any other holes into my body for quite some time until I had my belly button done. When I was about 23, I went and got my first tattoo, and while I was in the tattoo parlour, I noticed they also offered piercing services. It just so happened that the gal doing the piercings was there, with no clients at the moment, and so I spontaneously decided to get my ears pierced yet again.

I opted for a helix piercing, which is basically towards the top, outer edge of the ear. It is considered to be a cartilage piercing, and because I hadn’t had a cartilage piercing done before, the woman advised me to refrain from getting both of my helices pierced at the same time. I was already there, though, so I said fuck it and had both those puppies punctured.

In retrospect, I absolutely do noooooot recommend getting both of your helices pierced simultaneously. Sleeping was an absolute nightmare seeing as I am a side sleeper, so I was feeling a lot like Nosferatu chillin’ in his coffin when I went to bed. Did the woman performing the piercings warn me of this? Yes she did. Did I heed her warning? Obviously not, although I wish I had.

I ended up getting a horrible infection in one of the helix piercings because my ears are more sensitive than an erect nipple rubbing up against some polyester. I was dodging going to the clinic because I didn’t want to be told how bad it was, but by the time I went in the infection had spread into the lymph nodes in my neck and I could hardly move my head. The doctor gave me shit and asked why the hell I hadn’t removed the piercing, and I calmly explained to her that I wasn’t going to throw $70 down the drain and have the hole fill in.

I didn’t get the impression she was overly impressed.

Here’s hoping you can take something from my experience if you decide to get your helix or helices pierced.

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