Concern for future generations

I think it would be safe to say that within the past five years or so, we have all heard someone make a comment about up-and-coming generations and the concerns and worries affiliated with them. And, if I had to guess, whenever we have heard these types of comments, we casually and mindlessly agree without giving the matter a significant amount of thought.

I’m no expert, and I certainly haven’t studied generations below me to gauge just how troubling their lifestyles are to be able to conclude that our youth is positively screwed. But, I have made some observations via personal experience that does prompt cause for concern for our youth and their future, and I think it is worth discussing.

It’s worth noting that not all members of the younger generations are relevant to this conversation, and I don’t want to generalize. But, when I hear from folks that kids that are currently in grades six and seven are vaping, wearing promiscuous outfits to school, and posting inappropriate content on social media platforms, I can’t help but experience a wee bit of uneasiness when I consider how this behaviour will affect these literal children once they’re older, not to mention how creeps and sickos will handle and interpret this behaviour.

The behaviours we are seeing from younger generations are our own fault, in a way. Collectively, as a society, we have embraced the explosion of social media platforms and technology, among other advancements, and in doing so we have arguably given young children the idea that projecting themselves to be much older than they are is okay. I’m not sure when we decided to stop allowing kids to be kids, but this forced maturing of our youth is troubling, to say the least. Youth are our future, but with the way it’s going, I’m not sure how our youth are going to turn out once they enter adulthood.

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