Stranger Things – yet another update

I sincerely apologize to any of my readers who don’t watch Stranger Things when I compose posts about the show. I was skeptical of its premise when it first started gaining popularity, and trust me when I say I resisted hopping on the bandwagon for quite an extended period of time.

As you likely know by now if you’ve been following my blog to any extent, I would be content with watching and re-watching Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla and The Last Kingdom on repeat for the remainder of my life. So, when I decided to switch gears and tune into a show that doesn’t depict Vikings in any way, shape or form, it was a big leap for me to take.

I realize that sounds dramatic, but I am seriously fucking obsessed with Vikings and the Viking era. The respect and admiration I have for these people are insane.

Season one of Stranger Things was good, and upon watching it, I thought it was phenomenal. Once I started getting further into the show and finishing up more seasons, however, I came to the realization that the first season is probably the worst out of all of them. I haven’t yet finished season four, but so far, seasons two through four are tremendously better than the first, and I say this for a variety of reasons.

One reason I’m enjoying the show more significantly in the later seasons is because of the character development that has occurred. The writers of this show are brilliant in terms of the vision they have for its main characters, and what they’ve incorporated into the series so far in regard to character arcs and redemption is phenomenal. Another reason I’m enjoying the show as its seasons progress is because of the intricacy of the plot – once you get into the second season, you realize that most components of the plot begin way back in the first season, and understanding the complexity of the plot of this show is mind-blowing.

Please do yourself a favour and watch Stranger Things if you haven’t already.

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