The significance of designating time to spend with your partner

I would argue that just about all of us would say we are busy. Busy seems to be an inevitable state when it comes to this thing known as life, and I find we are becoming busier and busier the older we get.

While I’m not certain if we truly are taking on more duties and responsibilities which is why we are so busy, or, if we have simply chalked up our schedules in our minds to be so much more packed than they really are, most of us have a hard time setting time aside for ourselves, let alone significant people in our lives. While an unfortunate realization, the people in our lives who mean the most, like family, friends and partners, are the ones who get the shit end of the stick when it comes to allocating time to spend with them.

Our partners, more specifically, should not be the ones who end up being left on the back burner in the equation of allotting quality time to spend with them. Family and friends are equally as important as romantic partners, but if I had to take a guess, out of all three relationships, romantic ones will arguably prove to be the most consequential when ignored and cast aside.

When we don’t prioritize spending time with the person we love and appreciate, it becomes apparent relatively quickly that we would rather be doing just about anything else than enjoying each other in one another’s presence. When this is realized by your partner, chances are they’re going to feel hurt, frustrated, angry and hostile, and they’re probably not going to stick around if you don’t put the effort in to spend time with them. Your relationship with your partner, if you live together, shouldn’t resemble that of roommates, and if you make time for everyone and everything but them, they’re not going to wait forever for things to improve.

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