Should you be brushing your cat?

I really hope when the title of this post is read that people realize I’m referring to the animal version of a cat. Not the other perverted idea of a cat.

Perhaps I’m a sicko for even thinking this, but these days, ya just never know where people’s imaginations are going to take them. Hence the clarification. And, if you do brush your non-animal cat, no judgment here.

Anyways, Blaine and I have one cat in our home. His name is Lionel, and he is majestic as fuck. He turned eight a little while ago, so the sass is real, but the guy makes me laugh a lot and I seriously appreciate his presence in my life.

One downside to having Lionel in our house is how much he sheds. Most cats shed, other than those hairless ones, which, no thank you, but Lionel is a long-haired cat, so his hair is quite literally on every single surface in our home.

Because the cleaning is becoming a little ridiculous, I thought I would hit up Google and see if there is anything that can be done to tone down a cat’s shedding. As it turns out, apparently brushing your cat regularly can help alleviate some of the shedding – it doesn’t stop it entirely, but over time, the shedding becomes less severe.

I don’t own a pet brush, but I do own a hair brush, and yes, I did in fact use my own brush on Lionel. I cleaned it, don’t worry, and much to my pleasant surprise, Lionel fucking loves being brushed. He loves it so much that I’ve created a bit of a monster in the sense I cannot let him see my brush without him expecting it to be used on him as well.

So far, I’ve noticed that the shedding hasn’t been as bad, plus Lionel is looking more handsome than ever with his sleek, well-kept coat. If you have cats that shed a lot, I highly recommend looking into brushing them. Hopefully, you experience as much luck with it as I have.

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