The pros and cons of having long hair

I’ve been rocking long hair for quite some time now. I’ve always had long hair, with the exception of one very poor experience at a hair salon when I was about 13 – my hair was roughly halfway down my back, and I went in for a trim. When I left the salon, my hair was above my shoulders and I closely resembled Lois from Family Guy, just a blonder version.

Not a good look for me.

Seeing as this hair appointment was seriously traumatizing, I didn’t allow anyone to cut my hair for 11 years. No trim, nothing. In retrospect, was this period of hair salon abstinence a little dramatic? Perhaps. But, I had serious trust issues with hairdressers after that, so it was during this 11-year period my hair grew rather significantly.

Nowadays, my hair is past my ass, and it’s been this long for as long as I have been with Blaine, which is coming up on nine years.

I do enjoy having long hair, but, like most things, there are cons involved as well. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of having long hair, shall we?


  • Long hair doesn’t need to be styled as meticulously as short hair, meaning you can probably get away with wearing it loose, not styled, depending on your hair type
  • Long hair, if it is healthy, looks rather nice
  • You can absolutely use long hair to shield your face like a warlock when you’re out in public and spot someone you know but you don’t necessarily wish to converse with them


  • You will find your long hair quite literally everywhere, including in places hair should never be
  • Your hair gets caught in everything, specifically vehicle windows, seatbelts, and your pants upon pulling them up after using the bathroom
  • Knots are borderline inevitable
  • Shampoo and conditioner can get pricey seeing as you’re using more than the average person
  • Styling long hair can prove to be an arm workout, but I suppose this is both a pro and a con depending on who you ask
  • If you share a bed with someone, they will absolutely lay on it and give you whiplash when you try to get up
  • Your drains will suffer

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