If you like sushi, read this

Earlier this week, I met up with a friend of mine to go for dinner. We originally wanted to have sushi, but after calling two locations in Brantford and not having much luck, we figured we were going to have to get a rain check on the sushi and settle for something else in the meantime.

Literally right before I jumped in my truck to meet my friend for Thai food, she messaged me saying she had just caught wind of a new sushi restaurant in Paris. She called to see if there was a table available, and upon hearing there was, we changed gears again and figured we would try out this place.

Blossom Sushi is located at 1070 Rest Acres Road on your way into the Paris downtown in the new plazas being built. It’s lovely inside and offers a quaint, modern atmosphere. The menus are digital, meaning you order off of an iPad, and while some folks take real issue with this, the majority of Japanese restaurants I have been to operate menus in this manner. I find them to be beneficial in the sense that if you want to order a few more things, you can do so without having to wave down a waiter or waitress.

All-you-can-eat at Blossom is $36 for adults, and personally, I find this rather reasonable considering the majority of the items and dishes on the menu contain seafood. We both tried a variety of things and agreed that everything was delicious. I tried tempura yam for the first time and it was fucking scrumptious, despite the fact I’m not a tremendous fan of yams. I had a few different sushi roles, all of which were great, and their shrimp dumplings were fantastic.

The food comes to your table piping hot and quickly, and the service was professional and friendly. I’ll definitely be visiting Blossom Sushi again, and if you haven’t gone yourself, consider this a sign to do so.

Image from https://blossomsushi.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Sushi-sashimi-Plate-Wallpapers-300×188.jpeg

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