Examining the concept of elder abuse

Eder abuse, for anyone unfamiliar with the term, is rather adequately explained within its own title – directing abusive behaviour towards an elderly person, whether it be mental, physical or emotional, is considered elder abuse.

I would argue that when the majority of us contemplate what is considered to be elder abuse, we picture blatant, physical violence; yelling and screaming insults at them. These are two strong examples of how elder abuse can look and occur, but I feel as though a lot of us are entirely inattentive to more subtle exemplifications of elder abuse, and this is an issue.

Allow me to give you an example of being disrespectful towards the elderly first. Say you’re out and about, running some errands, using public transportation. The bus is pretty busy, and there aren’t a lot of seats available. You notice an elderly person load the bus and they’re forced to stand as there are no open seats. You could either give your own seat up for this elderly person and not be a tremendous piece of shit (assuming you don’t have a condition in which you require the seat yourself, because that would be an exception to the situation), or you could continue to bop along on the bus with your ass comfortably perched on a seat as you watch the elderly person standing becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

This isn’t elder abuse, but it is a fine example of disrespect towards elderly people.

Now for an example of elder abuse. Say you have a grandparent that has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness. Their physical health is deteriorating rapidly, and they’re quickly becoming very dependent on other family members. You decide visiting them is becoming too time-consuming because of their newly developed need to be assisted completing basic tasks and so you choose to begin pulling back and abandoning them in the process for your own good. Abandonment is a form of elder abuse, but it’s one that is easier to overlook than others.

According to www.nursinghomeabusecenter.com, the seven types of elder abuse include Neglect, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Abandonment, Emotional or psychological abuse, Financial abuse, and Self-neglect. Elder abuse is more prevalent than a lot of us realize, and advocacy and education are required in order to diminish the occurrence of such a shitty thing.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/1307391/pexels-photo-1307391.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1


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